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MITE 1-3 (Boys or Girls) or U8 Girl

Click below to register for the 2017-18 RAYHA season

MITE 4 (Boys or Girls) and UP

Click below to register for the 2017-18 RAYHA season


Please read carefully below to learn about new information for this season’s registration.  Highlights of important information are summarized in the bulleted list below, followed by additional details on each topic further down the page.  A link to enter the online registration system is provided at the bottom of this page.

  • Register with USA Hockey, link provided in the first page of the registration session
  • To get your Oval season skating pass, you will need to upload a picture (head shot) of you player or choose to use last season’s photo. 
  • Goalie Equipment reimbursement info is summarized below
  • Volunteer buyout is $125 this year, with $375 family max
  • Indicate need for jerseys for Mite 4, Squirt/10U, Peewee/12U, and Bantam/15U (and see Jersey Info page under the Registration menu)
  • All payments go through the online registration system, no more ice assessment collected through team managers
  • Second registration information will be provided to players earning a position on the A or B teams at 10U/Squirt, 12U/PeeWee, 15U/Bantam and Mite 4.

Registration fees, payments, and the cost of playing hockey

We changed up the way we pay for hockey in Roseville. This new process moved all of our payment collections online with the registration system.  This season, we will collect an initial $150 payment from each player during the initial Registration period (other than 8U).  After tryouts, and after players have been placed on a team, each player will then be required to complete a second registration prior to stepping on the ice with their team.

Fees by Age/Level for 2017-2018 Season

The table below shows the breakdown of registration fees for each level of play for boys and girls divisions. 

2017-18 RAYHA Registration Fees

Team 2017-2018 Fee INITIALRegistration Fee (8/1-8/31) SECOND Registration Fee (10/11-11/1)
8U (Mite 1) $150 $150 NA
8U (Mite 2) $150 $150 NA
8U (Mite 3) $150 $150 NA
8U (Mite 4) $400 $150 $250
Girls U8 $175 $175 NA
10U (Squirt C) $700 $150 $550
10U (Squirt B) $1,250 $150 $1,100
10U (Squirt A) $1,250 $150 $1,100
Girls 10UB $1,250 $150 $1,100
Girls 10UA $1,250 $150 $1,100
12U (PeeWee C) $750 $150 $600
12U (PeeWee B) $1,400 $150 $1,250
12U (PeeWee A) $1,400 $150 $1,250
Girls 12UB $1,400 $150 $1,250
Girls 12UA $1,400 $150 $1,250
14U (Bantam C) $800 $150 $650
14U (Bantam B2) $1,400 $150 $1,250
14U (Bantam B) $1,500 $150 $1,350
14U (Bantam A) $1,600 $150 $1,450
Girls 15U A $1,100 $150 $950
Girls 15U B $1,100 $150 $950
16U/19U (Junior Gold) $750 $150 $600

Financial Assistance

If you have need for financial assistance to cover registration fees for the 2017-2018 season please click the link below to complete the Financial Assistance registration to determine eligibility and options. 

NOTE-  The financial assistance form must be completed prior to registering.

Second Registration for Youth Travel A and B Teams and Special Payments for other players

Mite 4 teams and 10U/Squirt, 12U/Peewee, and 15U/Bantam A and B teams are required to make a second payment to cover additional expenses for those levels of play.  You will need your USA Hockey Confirmation Number and a method of payment to complete this registration.  

See the payment fee table for the amounts due for each level. 

Your registration fees pay for…

In estimating the costs to play hockey in Roseville for each level, the board laid out all expenses and revenues (gambling operations and registration fees).  Through the process the board decided it would be a good idea to more clearly show the membership the expenses for playing hockey and where the money we generate from RAYHA gambling operations and registration fees is being spent to cover these costs of playing hockey. 

Your registration fees cover only part of the cost to play hockey in Roseville, about half, or an estimated 52% for this season.  RAYHA’s gambling operations cover almost the other half of the costs (about 42%) and other things like Sponsors (3%), Concessions (1%), and miscellaneous sources (1% from Donations, interest, etc.) cover the balance.  

Registration fees for each level help cover shared expenses to help run RAYHA and some levels pay more because of higher costs to cover differences in ice time, tournaments, scrimmage officials, paid coaches, district fees, etc. Below is a breakdown of what the revenue from your registration and other sources is going toward for each age level.

Mites 1-3

Mite 1-3 teams will be run as in the past with no changes to the cost structure, relative ice time, and single “team color” jersey.  If Mite 3 teams choose to play in Jamborees or other cross-association events that have expenses, team coaches and managers will need to organize among the parents to cover these costs. 

Mite 4 / 8U

Ice fees, 3 jamborees, Misc. expenses, Coach fees, player development, RAYHA Operation.

10U / 12U / Squirt / Peewee / Bantam

Ice fees, 3 tournaments, D2 fees, Swag, Misc expenses, Coach fees, player development, RAYHA Operation.

15U / Jr Gold

Ice fees, 2 tournaments, D2 fees, Swag, Misc expenses, Coach fees, player development, RAYHA Operation.

How the payments will be collected…Initial and Second Registration

Registration and payments will go through the RAYHA website.  New players/families will need to set up accounts with SportsEngine to log into the registration sessions like last year.  If you have forgotten your password or the e-mail you used to set up the account, there is a link on the SportsEngine log in portal to get help.  Everyone will complete an initial registration before you can take the ice for tryouts or any other RAYHA on ice activity. 

After tryouts, players making A/B/B2 teams at the Mite 4, 10U/Squirt, 12U/Peewee, and 15U/Bantam levels will be required to complete a second registration to accept their position on the team.  Information about this registration will accompany the tryout results communication.  There will be only a short window to complete this registration, doing so indicates the player accepts the position on the team.  If you do not complete the registration within the designated window you may lose your spot on the team.

While Mite 4 and 8U do not have tryouts, these teams will not be finalized until after we have registrations complete and have completed level and team balancing to know how many teams at Mite 4 and 8U we can form.  Those Mite aged skaters participating in Mite 4  will also complete a second registration to cover expenses above those for Mite 1-3.


All Mite  teams and 8U Girls will receive a single jersey, details on color and numbers to be determined at a later time and will be managed as we have in past years. 

Junior Gold teams will use RAYHA Jerseys from previous seasons.

See the “Jersey Info” page under the Registration menu above for more information.

Goalie equipment reimbursement

If your player is a goalie and you will supply your own equipment (versus using the RAYHA gear), you will see an option for receiving your $300 Goalie discount as you go through the registration process.   Any player registering as a goalie and receiving a discount and who is found to be skating out and not playing goalie will be required to forfeit the $300 equipment discount.

Volunteer Buyout

RAYHA continues to rely on volunteers giving of their time and experience to make the association run.  Our volunteer requirements have remained the same in that families must contribute 10 hours of volunteer time per registered skater.  Please see the RAYHA website or contact Chelsey Rosenthal(,  RAYHA volunteer coordinator) for specific volunteer requirements and opportunities. 

If you choose to buy out of the volunteer requirements, the fee this year is $125 per registered skater, with a family max of $375.  During the registration process, remember to select this item in your player’s basket if you choose to buy out of the volunteer requirement.  Remember that all skaters’ families are still responsible for box and clock duties as part of the team and these hours do not count for your 10 hour volunteer commitment and you will still be required to fulfill this obligation if you choose to buy out.