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      RAYHA Sponsorship Opportunities

      Do you know someone, a local business owner or individual, interested in sponsoring Roseville Area Youth Hockey Association?  If so, please click the photo below to be directed or our RAYHA Sponsor Page and full Brochure.  Please feel free to share it with them and/or contact Andy Skoogman, RAYHA Sponsorship Director, for questions/interest.

      RAYHA Sponsor Brochure



      Tuesday, December 13
      5:15 - 12UA
      5:30 - 10UB and Peewee C
      5:50 - 10UA and Mite 1 Silver
      6:10 — Mite 1 Black and Mite 1 Red
      6:30 - Mite 1 White
      6:50 - Jr Gold
      7:10 –
      7:30 –
      7:50 - Bantam C and Bantam A

      Wednesday, December 14
      5:15 - Peewee A and 15U (and Squirt A tentative)
      5:30 - Mite 2 Silver and Mite 2 Black
      5:50 - Mite 2 White and Mite 3 Black
      6:10 -Mite 4 Silver and Mite 4 White
      6:30 - Mite 3 Silver and Mite 2 Red
      6:50 - Mite 4 Black and Mite 3 White and Peewee B1
      7:10 - Mite 3 Red
      7:30 - Squirt B1 and Bantam B2
      7:50 - Squirt B2 and Squirt C
      8:10 - 12UB and Peewee B2


      * Come fully geared - all but helmet.  Can carry skates in to put on in the hallway.
      * Don’t forget your stick.
      * Be a few minutes early so we can get kids lined up in height order (Manager’s, please help if possible).
      * There are some teams tripled up so that we could get all teams photographed in two nights.  Please be patient.

      Say Cheese!

      Nominations being accepted for RAYHA Hall of Fame 2017

      RAYHA is now accepting nominations for the Roseville Area Youth Hockey Association Hall of Fame

      Six years ago, RAYHA opened the doors to their Hall of Fame with the induction of the “First Four” Don Black, Jack Brodt, Dick Czaia, and John Savre. That group was followed by Milt Anderson, Denny & Sandy Malarkey and Frank Rog, John Rose, Bob Forliti, Bill Olein, Dave MacKinnon, Jerry Griffith, Tony Goodmanson, Jeff Johnson, Don Green, Don Hadlich, Ted Leigh; and last year we inducted Rick Knoche, Mike Murphy, Lee and April Borash, Dick Bruckner and Steve Grundhauser.   While we can never give them recognition that would equal ...what they have given us, acknowledgement of their accomplishments was long overdue. If you were present for any of the previous IceBreaker’s you know what a special event this is.

      Nominations are now being accepted from the public (Through December 12) for the class of 2017. RAYHA Hall of Famers are people who embody the RAYHA spirit, give freely of their resources and constantly promote youth hockey. Inductees have maintained a high standard of sportsmanship, integrity and fun. Most importantly, RAYHA Hall of Fame members place a priority on helping kids grow as players and as people.

      Anyone associated with RAYHA is eligible for the RAYHA Hall of Fame. Nominees can be a coach, manager, player, booster, board member, sponsor etc.

      Hall of Fame Induction will occur at IceBreaker VIII on January 21, 2017. Upon notification of the new enshrines, the class of 2017 will be announced on the RAYHA website. A plaque listing all of the Hall of Famers currently stands watch in front of the Hall of Fame Room at the Roseville Arena.

      The RAYHA Board, along with the members of the Hall of Fame will consider all nominations, and vote by secret ballot at the board meeting of 12/19/16. To gain entry, nominees must be named on 70% of the ballots submitted. To be considered nominations must be received by 12/12/16.

      All nominations can be sent to Matt Sundeen,  Please include the nominees name (contact information if you have it, if not that is ok) and an explanation why you feel this person belongs in the RAYHA Hall of Fame.

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