RAYHA Hall of Fame

In January of 2011, RAYHA formally inducted the inaugural class into the RAYHA Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony took place in Roseville Ice Arena’s Olympia Room overlooking the John Rose Oval as part of the festivities that made up the 2nd Annual IceBreaker. The Raider Room, renamed to The Hall of Fame Room is the permanent home for the monument that marks their contribution. The tribute reads:


“The Success of RAYHA is a direct result of the dedication, talent and energy of our volunteers. Those listed below are hereby specifically recognized for their outstanding contribution to RAYHA in the form of dedicating countless hours, boundless energy, and generously passing along freely their numerous talents, for the kids benefitting all in RAYHA now and in the future.”

Listed below are those inducted into the Hall of Fame list in order of year of induction. Included is a brief bio highlighting some of their accomplishments.

Class of 2015

Tony Goodmanson

A coach with RAYHA for over a quarter century, One trait that is present in all of Tony’s teams is an extremely optimistic assessment of every player and a refusal to believe that they can't prevail in any situation. His unwavering commitment to team building has fostered self-confidence in his players and resulted in many successful playoff and tournament runs. Best of all, Tony's boundless energy, positive attitude and team-first message transcends hockey and teaches vital life lessons for his players regardless of their age. his commitment to hockey, and positive outlook has created countless numbers of players that will share their energy and joy for the game with generations to come.


Don Green

Don coached hockey several years at Lexington and the Alameda Pond in the late 50’s and early 60’s. On many occasions he assisted in flooding rinks at night to provide good ice for the next days games. Don also coached Squirts, Pee Wees and Bantams during the early years before Recreation Dept. Manager Frank Rog set up teams from Roseville, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale and Little Canada. It became evident that a need for better competition existed for the better players. That is when the Major Bantam team was selected in 1963 and they were entered in the Belt Line Bantam League which included teams from White Bear Lake, Shoreview, Mounds View, Minneapolis northern suburbs and extended as far south as Edina. Don also was one of the three founders that signed the Articles of Incorporation creating the Roseville Youth Hockey Association.

Don Hadlich 

Don was an active participant in Roseville Youth Hockey Association from 1966 -1988, starting with his eldest son’s first season until his death in 1988. He coached many teams during those years, from Mite teams to traveling Pee Wee teams. He managed several RYHA hockey teams during this time too. Don was a board member for many years. He was President of RYHA for two years in the late ‘70’s. He spent many hours putting outdoor rinks together, helping flood the rinks, as well as shovel rinks. During the 60’s and 70’s, when most households had one car and multiple players, he put together car pools so families could more easily juggle their many activities. He was a man who others could count on to help and get the job done.  


Ted Leigh

Co Founded Alemada Pond team, which grew to become RAYHA .A champion for a rink with boards, a warming house, lights, he could usually be found flooding the rink late at night and returning to his house resembling a walking snowman. The following story is a good snapshot on how Ted felt about youth hockey - One night he had been out flooding the ice. He returned home covered in ice, a bloody face and a big smile. His concerned wife asked “What happened to you?” “Oh, nothing,” he responded “ a light fell off a pole and just hit me in the face. But the ice looks beautiful!!” He got four stitches the next morning, but there was good ice.

Jeff Johnson

A coach for countless seasons, Jeff served on the board for 7 years, with 5 of them as President.During Jeff's tenure the financial security was ensured, and designed several programs to make hockey accessible to all, and reversed a declining enrollment of skaters. Jeff is widely known for his ability as a listener, a communicator and a consensus builder. He will be remembered for giving a voice to the C level skater.

Class of 2014

Jerry Griffith

Jerry wore many hats for RYHA, 1971-72 Winakawa Saints visit, Major Team Director 1971-72, served as Internal VP 1972-73 and 1973-74, and coached Coach of A Bantams 1974-1975. Could always be counted on when things needed to get done.

Dave MacKinnon

Dave spent multiple years on the board - 1968-69 Pony Director Local League, RYHA President 1968-69, 1971-72, Director At Large MAHA 1969-70, Vice President RYHA 1969-70 and 1970-71. Coached PeeWees and other teams for many years. 

Class of 2013

Bob Forliti

Bob began his coaching career in 1965 with the Alameda Pond Ponies, literally named after the frozen body of water that they skated upon. Before they could play or practice on the ice, they would first have to shovel the snow, and it seemed to always be snowing. Bob was the first one on the ice to shovel and usually was the last one off. If something was broke and needed repairs, he always had his tools and he knew how to fix anything. He was the hardest working person at the rink, and an excellent hockey coach.  He sincerely cared for everyone on his team and wanted to make sure everyone played equal time, long before RAYHA made it that practice mandatory. He would spend any amount of time needed to teach you the right way to skate, shoot, hold your stick, how to play your position – to do things, both on and off the ice the right way. 


Bob spent endless hours plowing rinks on the lake so the neighborhood kids had a place to skate. He went so far as to convince the city to stop the demolition of an old warming house and then figured out a way to move it to the lake so all the kids had a warm place to put on their skates. As if that was not enough “above and beyond” he then proceeded to put up lights and would pay for all the electricity so kids could skate at night. He was the kind of person that pushed you to do your best, no matter your talent level. He just wanted people to be happy and see a smile on their face


Bill Olein

Bill spent 32 years in the City of Roseville, working at the ice arena and the oval and serving citizens and certainly will leave a legacy that includes working well above and beyond the call of work duty in giving his time up for all those Thursday and Saturday night hockey games, special events, flooding rinks, organizing tournaments, mentoring youth, and other evening and weekend duties through the years. His selflessness was instrumental in creating an atmosphere of teamwork and cohesion in the winter sport community and organizations such as the RAYHA, Roseville Area Figure Skating Club, Midway Speed skating, Greater Minnesota speed skating, Friends of the Oval Foundation.


Bill’s dedication and determination was a key factor in achieving National Gold Medal Award Status for the Skating Center. But most importantly, working with 100 plus youngsters annually on the payroll, Bill acted as role model and mentor to thousands of area kids, giving them a blueprint on being a good citizen. 


John Rose

Former board member, coach, and past president of the RYHA (predecessor of RAYHA) who was also an avid organizer and event volunteer. He was also a past director of District 2 as well as a Roseville school teacher and a Minnesota state legislator. He was a strong believer and proponent of sportsmanship and fair play. John was concerned that our fund-raising was always asking the same people for the money and the effort and believed that we could create a better flow by establishing events that could bring in dollars from outside the immediate community while providing benefit to participants. Due to his influence, we started the Thanksgiving B tournament which not only provided a showcase at home for our B Peewee and B Bantam teams, it brought in outside dollars.


As a State Legislator, John was a strong proponent of the development of a National Sports Center in Blaine, and the development of the Oval in Roseville which bears his name. Speed skating had strong interest at that time and John believed that an outdoor speed skating track with an artificial ice infield would be a major benefit to several sports while bringing additional revenue to Minnesota and to the Roseville area. He worked tirelessly with his fellow legislators, contractors, and sports organizations to get support and eventually the John Rose Oval became a reality.

Class of 2012

Milt Anderson

One of Roseville Hockey’s founding fathers, Milt was the 1st elected president, and a visionary fundraiser, with a keen eye for any acquisition that would enhance the experience of Roseville skaters. From mending uniforms and repairing equipment to transporting kids that could not get the rink, Milt did it all.


Denny & Sandy Malarkey

Denny (with 1st, and 2nd assist to his wife Sandy) coached hockey in Roseville from 74 to 98, along with another stint in 05/06. Denny served as a Roseville Hockey board member for 25 years. Over the course of his time at RAYHA he also was the Roster Book Coordinator, Tryout evaluator, Thanksgiving Tournament director, Softball Tournament fundraising director, CEO, D2 Rep, Coaching Clinic director, and Chaired RAYHA Association Merger in 1980. Denny and Sandy could always be counted on to do whatever necessary to keep kids on the ice...


Frank Rog

Roseville Parks and Recreation Director from 1960 thru 1987. Frank was instrumental in the formative years of Roseville Hockey. He provided encouragement and guidance to local coaches to enter the Beltline league in 1963. Frank strongly encouraged Roseville Hockey to include Falcon Heights, Little Canada, Lauderdale and Maplewood (to match ISD 623). Initiated relationships with local businesses and developed those relationships to help grow youth hockey. Frank was also an integral part of team to bring Roseville their 1st indoor rink. He also acquired the boards from Minneapolis Arena, giving Roseville their 1st outdoor rink with rounded “corners.” If all of that was not enough, after he got done with his day job, Frank volunteered his evenings and flooded the rinks!

Class of 2011

Don Black

One of the original founding fathers of Roseville Youth Hockey, Don Black was a signer of the original articles of incorporation in November of 1964 and served as RYHA’s first secretary/treasurer. He spearheaded original fundraisers including an ice-fishing contest on

Lake Owasso, dances at the Bel Rae Ballroom, and assisted the movement to build the Roseville Arena. Black was Roseville’s 1st traveling team coach and coordinated coaching clinics. He was the point person in hosting Gopher Coach Herb Brooks and his Gopher intra-squad games in the early 70's.


Jack Brodt

Jack Brodt became involved with RAYHA in 1971 when he first registered his oldest son for mites. He last registered his youngest son in 2006 and with three girls in between, the family had a total of 35 years of registrations. Brodt arguably has coached more mites in Roseville than any other coach and has sponsored a Mite team every year without fail since the 1970’s. He established and maintains the former Roseville turned collegiate player recognition wall. He has served on the RAYHA board four separate times (so far) in his 35 years with RAYHA. (Jack was unable to attend the ceremony as he had a prior commitment to coach the Minnesota White Caps women’s hockey team in Calgary.)


John Savre

John Savre first became involved in the program when he registered his son in Roseville in 1984. John Rose encouraged him to run for the board which he did and became a board member in 1986. Savre attempted to retire in 1997 when his son graduated from the program. Though he was not a “hockey guy” per se, he was asked back the following year as there was a desperate need for his talents. Through his teaching career and devotion to RAYHA he has been a positive influence in so many young lives. His countless hours devoted to nearly flawless ice scheduling despite endless outside pressures while maintaining a positive and friendly attitude has been a tremendous asset to our association for an amazing 24 years. It is impossible to spend time at the rink and not find a kid that John Savre has had a positive effect on.


Dick Czaia

One of the original RYHA officers, Dick Czaia served as 1st Vice President in 1964 and in multiple positions until 1973. He helped mold the RAYHA board and it’s policies during formative years. Czaia was responsible for early sponsorships, and promoted the idea that every kid in Roseville that wanted to play hockey would have a place to play regardless of ability to pay. He volunteered countless hours, and was involved with Roseville hockey long after his kids left the program.

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