Mites 1-4/Girls 8U

Mite 1-3

Mite 4/Girls 8U


  • Mite 1 ages 4-8
  • Mite 2 ages 5-8
  • Mite 3 ages 6-8
  • 8U ages 6-8
  • Mite 4 ages 7-8


October - February


  1. Roseville Skating Center
  2. Oscar Johnson
  3. Guidant John Rose MN OVAL


  • Mite 1-3 & 8U will skate anywhere between 2-3/week
  • Mite 4 will skate anywhere between 3-4 a week


Mite 1-3 and 8U will have cross ice games.

Mite 4 will have cross ice and limited full ice.


Jerseys provided

Additional Costs

  1. USA Hockey registration is required which has additional fees associated to it for ages 6+. Please see the USA Hockey site for more information on membership details and registration.
  2. Mite 4 may have additional costs at the discretion of the coaches and parents.

2024 - 2025

All registrations require USA hockey registration on top of RAYHA fees. Please see "Additional Costs" section below for more information.

EARLY REGISTRATION COUPON CODE - $25 off! Use 2024RAYHA.  Discount stops July 15th.

Mite 1-3 and 8U girls fee is $300

Mite 4 fee is $810 (Following tryouts an offer will be extended that will begin payment plan)

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